Pete's Penang,

Street Art

Peter Loud

This street art seems to have become the main tourist attraction in Penang.

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Cannon Street, Georgetown, 2012

Lebuh Ah Quee, 2009

Lebuh Ah Quee, 2012

Penang Road, Georgetown, 2012

Clan Jetty, Georgetown, 2012
This painting, on a wooden wall and by the sea, very quickly deteriorated.

Muntri Street, Georgetown, 2012
By 2014 this had disappeared completely.

Gat Lebuh Armenian, Georgetown, 2014

Cannon Street, 2014

Gat Lebuh Armenian, Georgetown, 2014

Seck Chuan Lane. There were many examples of this style of wall-art.
These are made from steel, painted black and stand a few inches away from the wall.
At first I didn't like them, then I started to find the information useful, and enjoyed the humour.

Seck Chuan Lane, Details.

Carnarvon Street

Soo Hong Lane

Victoria Street

Chulia Street
The wall was a strange colour, which I didn't get right :-(

Chulia Street

Chulia Street Ghaut

Jl. Pintal Tali, 2014

Stewart Street,

Armenian Street.

Church Street

China Street

Queen Street

Ah Quee Street,

King Street,

Cannon Street,

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