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Old Buildings of Penang

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The Old and The New, Penang, 2006
Shih Chung Branch School falling into decay.

Should you think that this photo doesn't show enough detail, this image is a 0.34 megapixel image
reduced from a 36 megapixel image. The original, as with most other images on my website, is a bit more detailed ;-)

The Town Hall, Penang, 2008

The City Hall, Penang, 2008

Farquhar Street Mission House & Chapel, Penang, 2006
Once splendid buildings, with a garden, overlooking the sea, now ?

Click on the photo to see an amazing 360° panorama of what there is now.

Weld Quay, Penang, 2006
Once a thriving waterfront business area, it now slips into dereliction.

One broken gutter and the building is quickly eaten away by water.

. . . but had been renovated when I visited in 2012.

Buidling deteriorating
Building restored
Although many of my photos might seem to imply that little is being done to preserve Penang's heritage, this is not my intention. I try to be neutral. These two shots and the next couple show how some old buildings are being restored.

Restoration, Penang, 2007
This old building on Beach Road is being restored.

. . . and here it is in 2009 after restoration.

St George's Anglican Church, 2008

Museum & Art Gallery, 2008
Originally The Penang Free School

The Old and The New, Penang, 2007
The Merchant Hotel and Hotel Lum Fong.

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