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The English Cemetery

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"If I should die, think only this of me:
That there's some corner of a foreign field that is forever England."

Robert Brooke

Click on the picture to see a stunning spherical panorama of the cemetery.
This pano was made by processing and stitching together around 100 photos taken of the scene.


I have photographed around 150 gravestones, from 1789 - c.1900, and put the key information from them into an Excel spreadsheet. The average age at death was around 33.5 years. If I exclude all deaths 2 years old & below, the average age of death is 39.5 :-(

If you are trying to trace an ancestor who might have died in Penang, There is a very good book with the full details,
Christian Cemeteries of Penang & Perak by Alan Hartfield, ISBN 0 907799 18 3.
Published by The British Association for Cemeteries in South Asia.
When I last checked this book seemed to be out of print. However there is a copy at The Penang Heritage Trust and a couple of copies at the National Library in Singapore.

Four children died
before reaching 2 years old

Mother & 3 children
die within 26 months.

Father, mother and 21 year old son
die within 24 hours from Jungle Fever.

Young ladies died
in their prime.

Some Mariners
lasted a bit longer.

Francis Light,
founder of the English settlement.

The gravestones are now falling apart.

This guy's claim to fame is that
he married Anna, the heroine in the film,
"The King and I".

I wonder if this Barbara MacDougal could be a distant ancestor of a friend of mine in UK, whose
Gt. Grandfather was Francis Thomas McDougall who became the first Bishop of Sarawak in 1855.
The Bishop and his wife Harriette were key people in the development of Kuching.

The English Cemetery Notice Board, Penang, 2006

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