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The Boat Quay, Singapore, 2007.
The purpose of this and the next photo was to show the location of Riverwalk Apartments, to the right of the middle,
(where a friend has an apartment, at which I was staying), not the business district or the Boat Quay restaurants.
This picture was taken while testing a new lens on a second-hand digital camera that I bought in Singapore.
This view, and the next, cover a field of about 270° .

The Boat Quay & Riverwalk Apartments, Singapore, 2007.
Another test shot, to show the Riverwalk Apartments.
The camera was good but the new lens was faulty. The shop, Orient Photo, replaced it without any fuss.

Singapore River and Business District, 2007
It was raining, the wrong time of the evening, hand-held at a sixth of a second,
and a faulty lens, next time I'll get it right, I hope ;-).

Panoramas of Singapore

Seven months later I was able to return to Singapore and take the panorama pictures that were my original intention.

Click on the photograph to see a Virtual Tour of 360° panoramas.

Boat Quay & Business District around the river.

Chinatown, Smith Street.

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