Photographs by Peter Loud

Hexham Abbey

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Don't miss this! This is stunning state-of-art photography.

The Choir
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Stained Glass Windows

The North Wall

Sorry, you can't see much detail.
To fit on the webpage I had to reduce the original 54 megapixel image to a 1.4 megapixel image.

I am intrigued by the two outer photographs above from the quire. To me, they were the most beautiful windows in the abbey. The rich blue sky has tremendous impact. But it is like an incorrectly completed jig-saw puzzle. Some of the leaded panes match up, some do not. I am tempted to make a personal jig-saw puzzle to see if I can find panes which match, but haven't been positioned correctly. It is trickier than a normal jig-saw puzzle as it seems that a pane could be in 4 positions at 90° , but, in addition, it could be turned around and have a further 4 posibilities.

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