Tall Ships, Port of Blyth, 2016

Photographs by Peter Loud

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Welcome to the Blyth Tall Ships Event, 2016

It was much more like a Funfair & Crash! Bang! Boom! music festival than a Tall Ships regatta. Seeing the ships, was almost impossible, apart from masts sticking above barriers & loudspeakers and on Monday when they were a mile or two out to sea.

They had more miles of barrier than Hadrian. The harbour did not allow public access. Access to Blyth beach anywhere near the harbour was restricted. Access to North Blyth was blocked. A security guy at North Blyth,
(South African?), tried to run me down with his car when I tried to get some photos from across there. (That is not a flippant comment.) The official car park was nearer to Bedlington than Blyth and cost £10. To the south a tailback of stop-start cars almost reached Whitley Bay. On Sunday a 15 minute local trip took two hours.

Many people might have concluded that it was the greatest Tall Ships cock-up since the Spanish Armada. However I'm sure their PR people will say that the event was a great success and everyone enjoyed it. The departure of the Tall Ships on Monday should have been the high-point of the event, but I couldn't be bothered with the hassle and with access to all good viewpoints being blocked, so I gave up and returned to Milton Keynes on Sunday.

Morgenster, Entering the Port of Blyth, 2016
Length: 38m, Beam: 7m, Gross Tonnage: 159t, Built 1919, Netherlands.

Christian Radich, Blyth, 2016
Length: 63m, Beam: 10m, Gross Tonnage: 663t, Built:1937, Norwegian.
At risk of being repetitious I include a second shot below so that keen sailing types can examine the rigging in more detail.

Dar Mlodzierzy, Blyth, 2016
Length: 95m, Beam: 14m, Gross Tonnage: 2385t., Built in 1982, Polish.
When Dar Mlodzierzy arrived everything was grey. The sky was featureless and the clouds/mist came down below the mast tops.
We took our photos in the rain.

Oosterschelde, Blyth, 2016
Length: 38m, Beam: 8m, Gross Tonnage: 226t, Built 1918, Netherlands.

Maybe and Morgenster, Blyth, 2016
Maybe, Length: 28m, Beam: 6m, Built 1933, UK.
It was a dull, flat sky & sea when Maybe arrived. The photo shows how it really was. I prefer realism
to using HDR techniques and making it look as there had been a nuclear apocalypse in the background.

Morgenster, River Blyth, 2016
Many thanks to the captain of the Morgenster for giving us good photo opportunities.

Morgenster, Blyth, 2016
She looks sad and dispirited, like many of the departing visitors.

Vega Gamleby, Blyth, 2016
Length: 31m, Beam: 8m, Swedish.

Kapitan Bouchardt, Blyth, 2016
Length: 30m, Beam:7m, Polish.
When Kapitan Bouchardt, Fryderyk Chopin, Brabander and Vega Gamleby arrived there was very bright sunshine, but it was worse for photography.
The sun was directly in front of us and there was extremely bright glare from the sea that washed out almost all of the colours.
It seemed impossible to get a good photo. Later I shall try a bit more processing of the images to see if I can do better.

Brabander, Blyth, 2016
Length:36m, Beam: 6m, Gross Tonnage: ?, Year Built: ?, Lithuania.
As the colours were washed out by the blinding sun, I tried this picture as black & white

Fryderyk Chopin, Blyth, 2016
Length: 44m, Beam: 8m, Gross Tonnage: 670t, Built 1992, Polish.

Oosterschelde, Blyth, 2016

Morgenster, Oosterschelde & Maybe, Blyth, 2016

Tall Ships around Europe
Tall Ships scattered around Europe
Zoom in and drag the map, or click on ships for more info.

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Images Copyright Peter Loud, 1964-2017

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