St. Mary Magdalene Church

Willen, Milton Keynes.

by Peter Loud



This church at Willen is my favourite for many reasons. I suspect that, as an engineer, I am influenced by its architect being Robert Hooke. It was built in 1685. I think that it is a great church for photography, as there are a couple of great views of it. The bricks and mortar mean that there is a great deal of fine detail to see in photographs so I frequently use it as a test piece to compare cameras and lenses.

High Resolution Photos.

Click on the these images to see the high resolution image

Taken with a 2003 Nikon Coolpix 3100,
an early 3 Mp compact camera.

Taken with a 2005 Canon 350D.

Taken with a 2015 Sony SLT-A58.

Taken with a Apple iPhone 4S.

High res. image from a 2009 Sony A850.
Don't miss this one, it has unbelievable detail

Comparison of images from different cameras

Here are some shots of the church to compare the image quality of my Sony A850, Canon 350D and Canon IXUS 95IS cameras. There's less difference that camera freaks might like to believe even at 'actual pixel' level. The were all taken from the same position, within a few minutes of each other. The last shot, Christmas 2010, is just used to fill an empty space.

Canon IXUS 95IS compact camera, automatic.

Canon 350D with standard 18-55mm lens.

Sony A850 with Tamron 28-75mm f2.8 lens.

Sony SLT-A58 with 18-55mm SAMII std. lens, 2016.

Apple iPhone 4S, automatic.

Check out this Panoramic Virtual Tour of the church

Click here to see a full-screen, high resolution panorama.

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