Photographs by Peter Loud

Yogyakarta, Java

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People of Yogya

Becak, 2010

Retainers at The Kraton, 2010

Jalan Malioboro, 2013

The Bird Market, 2010-14

Gembira Loka Zoo, 2013

Hard Times, 2013-4

Grebeg, Yogya, 2013

Antiques Shop, Jalan Prawirotaman, Yogya
Click on the photo to see an amazing full spherical panorama inside the shop.

Ash deposits from the eruption of Kelut, Feb. 2014
After Kelut, 220 km away, erupted, fine ash fell in Yogya.


Javanese Cap Batik

Gunung Merapi.
Indonesia's most active volcano, 30km north of Yogyakarta.
Every few years it erupts killing dozens of nearby residents.

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