Photographs by Peter Loud

Jalan Malioboro, Yogyakarta, 2010-14

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Jl. Malioboro is always full of young Indonesians having a good time, and taking selfies, 2014

Families have a day out there too, 2014

Stylish Transport, Andong, Jalan Malioboro, 2013

Artificial Flower Stall, Jalan Malioboro, 2013 above, 2010 below. Yogya

Food Prices, 2010

Typical Foodstall, 2010

Fruit drinks,
Pricelist, 2013,


Prices Jan. 2014

Time for a sit down and a smoke.

Becak are everywhere along Malioboro

You could always have a game of chess with the guy who sells cigarettes.

In 2010 this wall was a stunning red. In 2014 it white.

Nasi Gudeg, 2010

Drinks stall and becak, Jalan Malioboro

Sorpion Oil, Jalan Malioboro, c.1990s

Gerobak, Food stalls, Jalan Malioboro

Images Copyright Peter Loud, 1970-2015

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