Photographs by Peter Loud

Toraja, Sulawesi

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Rice Barns, Kete Kesu, Tanatoraja, 2014


Children playing football among the rice barns, Tanatoraja, c.1994

Funeral at Sigunta, Tanatoraja, c.1994

There are lots of rotting coffins and human bones at Kete Kesu, Tanatoraja, 2014
Twenty years ago it seemed genuine, now they appear to be arranged for the tourists.

Cliff Graves, Londa, Tanatoraja, 2014

Tau-tau, Londa, Tanatoraja, 2014

Coffins on ledges built out from cliff, Londa, Tanatoraja, 2014

Skulls carefully arranged for the tourists, Londa, Tanatoraja, 2014

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