Photographs by Peter Loud

People, Makassar, Sulawesi

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Kids at Paotere, Makassar, 2012

Family on motorbike, Makassar, 2012

Kids fishing at Paotere, Makassar, 2012

Children on street, Makassar, 2012

Children on street, Makassar, 2012

This guy sold bananas from his bicycle, Makassar, 2012

Big brother looking after others, Paotere, Makassar, 2012

This pretty young girl was playing in Paotere with a few school friends, 2012

Two guys near Paotere, Makassar, 2012

This docker, who spent his day in the sun, carrying 50kg sacks of onions, or rice, from boat to truck, felt sorry for me
walking around the harbour with my heavy camera, so kept me supplied with drinking water. Paotere, 2012

I met him again a few days later

Tailor near Paotere, Makassar, 2012
The zip on my trousers broke so I took it to him, He didn't have a zip so he did a temporary repair, and didn't charge.

Fisherman, Bira, 2012

Beggar sat at the side of a busy road. Makassar, 2012
I suspect that she was not a genuine amputee, but she was friendly.

Becak driver, Makassar, 2012

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