Photographs by Peter Loud

Food, Makassar, Sulawesi

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If you want to make Shark Fin Soup, Paotere is the place, 2012

. . . or if you want Birds' Nest Soup, Makassar is the place. 2012
If you think the bird's nests come from a cave and dangerously collected by men on bamboo scaffolding, forget it.
People convert the top floor of their building into a nesting place for the swifts, and farm the nests.

Dried fish is popular in Makassar, 2012.

Tripang, or dried sea cucumber is a treat for some people, 2012.

The fish-man comes down the street for you, 2012.

You can buy your fruit at a street fruit stall . . . .

. . . or buy your fruit on the street.

. . . . or have your vegetables brought to your door.

. . . . or have your dinner cooked at you door.

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