Photographs by Peter Loud

Fish Market, Paotere, Makassar, Sulawesi

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Where I have the fish names wrong or missing, I'd welcome your expertise.

Reef sharks.
When diving I'd expect to see a white or black tip on the fin, I couldn't make out either with these.

Ribbon Sweetlips

Assorted fish.

Sweetlips at Paotere Fish Market





Parasites found on Marlin
I saw these parasites in Makassar & in Bira. They had me puzzled for two years until Japanese marine biologist, Urara Kuratani explained.
"There are two different parasites in your photo. Long whip-looking thing is a parasitic copepod called "Pennella" please see attached image. They embed their head into the fish.
Another organism is present on your photograph. Those are stalked barnacle called "Conchoderma virgatum". This barnacle are actually not parasitic. It is using "Pennella" as settlement site, but they are not fish parasite. They are filter feeders, hence catch minute plankton from the water column."

Grouper at Bira

Yellow stripe trevally

Shark-ray, & Hammerhead Sharks etc.

Bluelined Snapper, (Lutjanus kasmira)

Striped Mackerel, (Rastrelliger Kanagurta)


Talang Queenfish



The locals said these were Napoloeon fish.
(For me the Napoloen fish is a Humphead Wrasse, much bigger, and these are parrot fish.)




Images Copyright Peter Loud, 1970-2017

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