Photographs by Peter Loud

Becak, Solo, 2014

Solo, or Surakarta, is a city that is usually over-looked by foreign tourists. It is a mistake. If one is interested in experiencing Javanese culture. It has all the cultural subjects of Yogya, but almost no tourists. This is good and bad. You can avoid the crowds and grasping tourist touts of Yogya, however you lose out on the tourist comforts of Yogya. I visited Solo many times in 1989, when I worked in Semarang. I was delighted to re-visit in 2014. Sadly the backpackers' accommodation was not what it used to be. There is a particularly pleasant walk on Gunung Lawu, to the east. It has Pasar Klewer, probably the best batik market in the world.

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Becak, Waiting for the rich tourists, 2014

Becak, Pasar Klewer, 2014

Becak, Solo, 2014.

Becak, Solo, 2014

Not just for people, Pasar Klewer.

Mutual massage.

Becak, Solo, 2014
Tis is a Yogya becak, without mudguards.

Becak, Pasar Klewer, Solo, 2014

Tukang Becak, Pasar Klewer, 2014

Compare this Yogya becak, with big mudguards, with the becak of Solo.

Becak Penang, low, heavy with support for a parasol.

But the best becak are the lightweight, racy becak of Makassar, 2012
I have more becak photos at, Becak Makassar.

Motor Becak Medan. In 1990's there were many pedal becak, not in 2014.

BSA Motor Becak, North Sumatra

. . . or how about this motorised becak, or bentor, in Makassar, 2012
I think that there were 6 children & two adults in this bentor

A pedal rickshaw in Agra, India in 1974, with me as passenger.

Images Copyright Peter Loud, 1970-2014

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