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Photographs by Peter Loud

Garden Wildlife Photos
Pete's Penang, (photos)
Javanese Cap Batik
Computer game based on

. .

Pete Loud's Collection of
Northumbrian & Tyneside
Traditional Tunes
for the Fiddle

My Battle with

British Gas

(A UK domestic issue)

Sailing from
Bali to Mauritius

Terrorism in Palestine

Israeli Atrocities in Palestine
Threats, Abuse & Libel
on Internet
from a crazy guy.


Map Websites by Peter Loud

Digital Map of the World

Maps of Indonesia

Maps of Afghanistan
Maps of Algeria

Maps of The Bahamas

Maps of Yemen & Somalia
Maps of Vietnam
Maps of
The Philippines

Maps of Iran Maps of Iraq
. .

Maps of Cuba

Maps of Kashmir
Map of The Maldives

Maps of Areas Devastated by Tsunami, 2004

Maps of Aceh
Map of Sri Lanka

Other assorted, partially developed, map sites.

  • Karakoram Region
  • Western Nepal & North India
  • Cape Horn
  • East Africa, Kilimanjaro