Sending email to Pete Loud

Over the years my old, original Powernet email address has been 'harvested' from my websites and I have been receiving, on average, over 200 spam & virus emails each day, and sometimes over 1,000 per day. This causes problems so I'm now using a new email address.

By showing my email address below as an image file, I hope it can't be automatically 'harvested'. My apologies, as this means more hassle for you, you have to copy over my email address manually. If you have a similar problem, give this technique a try.

When I receive many spam/virus emails, genuine emails sometimes are deleted along with the spam. Please try and make your subject line specific so that it will stand out as genuine.

I hope that this email address will be effective for years however if problems arise I may need to change it again at some point. If you wish to email me at some time in the future it may be worth checking my website again to make sure that this email address is still active.

In anticipation of possible future changes in my website addresses, perhaps because I change my internet service provider, I have now set up my own domains, & These are easier to remember than those other long complex URLs and it's transferable between ISPs, so it may be worth using this as the URL to my home page.